The Tamura Method


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The Four Key Concepts of the Tamura Method:

First: The core of the Tamura Method is the concept that within us there are two selves: the Adult-self and the Child-self.  Each of these selves perceive and interact with the world quite differently; the adult is logical and rational, while the Child-self holds our core wound. This wounded Child-self resides in the adult’s unconscious, and it is hyper-sensitive to any interaction that triggers the pain of their core wounding.  When activated, the Child-self emerges and takes control from the Adult-self, and we behave like the hurt, angry child we carry within us. The Tamura Method is a process for learning the genesis of our core wound, understanding its impact, and healing the wounded Child-self by teaching our Adult-self to love and accept both themselves and their Child-self unconditionally.

Second: The Tamura Method uses energetic touch to make a direct, tangible connection to the wounded Child-self in real-time. This felt connection is what makes the Tamura Method so effective. Instead of accessing the wounded child through the memories of the adult, it is possible to do healing work directly where the wounding is located: within the child-self.  When guided by a trained practitioner, this powerful, visceral experience of the wounded Child-self demonstrates to the client the existence of their wounded child, as well as the healing potential of the concept of the two selves.

Third: A Tamura Method practitioner is able to directly access the Child-self by using energetic touch to heighten sensory awareness and tap into body memory, imagery, and emotions. When activating the body’s systems, the practitioner is able to sidestep the adult’s intellectualization. By doing so, the practitioner is able to initiate a direct connection with the wounded child-self and facilitate the deep sense of connection and trust required to access and heal the child’s core wound.

Fourth: Separation of the two selves is the final element of the Tamura Method’s healing process. In order to build a healing relationship between the Adult-self and their wounded child, the two must separate.  When the adult and wounded child are entwined, it is too difficult for the adult to discern when their child is activated and in control of their thoughts and actions.  Separation helps the client see that their current dysfunctional patterns of behavior are created from the core wounds of their childhood, and not from some intrinsic defect of character. By separating from the Child-self, the client is able to create enough space to tolerate their wounded child’s painful feelings that would otherwise be overwhelming and unbearable. It enables the client to understand how a child naturally looks outside itself to get the love and healing they crave. Using the Tamura Method of separation, the client is at last able to reunite their Adult-self with their wounded child in the role of its protector, nurturer and guide.

“The Tamura Method is an expression of my insights into healing, as well as a way for us to better walk the path toward our joy.  I hope to help seekers, those that have a deep awareness of something missing in their life that is holding them back from accessing their full potential, as I teach what I learned from being a seeker my entire life. It is my hope that the concepts I share in this website will help others on their journey. Seeker or teacher, I hope that this information will inspire you to incorporate and expand upon the principles of the Tamura Method. I invite you to empty your cup and taste my tea.”    
-Wynn Tamura

The Tamura Method was created by Wynn Tamura over the course of forty years in his own counseling/energy-bodywork practice in Oakland, California. Although retired, Wynn Tamura continues to teach and provide consulting. Click to learn more about Wynn Tamura.