The Tamura Method

Welcome to the Future Website for the Tamura Method

“The Tamura Method is an expression of my insights into healing, as well as a way for us to better walk the path toward our joy.  I hope to help seekers, those that have a deep awareness of something missing in their life that is holding them back from accessing their full potential, as I teach what I learned from being a seeker my entire life. It is my hope that the concepts I share in this website will help others on their journey. Seeker or teacher, I hope that this information will inspire you to incorporate and expand upon the principles of the Tamura Method. I invite you to empty your cup and taste my tea.”    
-Wynn Tamura

The Tamura Method, also called Mind Body Integration, is a model for healing. Its goal is helping people live healthier, happier, and more productive lives. It is a powerful tool for transforming destructive behavior patterns that, although created in childhood, continue to interfere with our ability to experience joy in the present.

As well as providing information on trainings and workshops, this website will serve as a reference for students and seekers learning how to incorporate the Tamura Method into their healing practices.

The Tamura Method was created by Wynn Tamura over the course of forty years in his own counseling/energy-bodywork practice in Oakland, California. Although retired, Wynn Tamura continues to teach and provide consulting.