The Tamura Method • Trainings

Touch can be a powerful healing tool in psychotherapy. When applied by a skilled practitioner, touch can enable a client to get out of their head, beyond their mind’s stories, and become more in touch with the wisdom of their body. Touch evokes body memories and provides a direct experience of those unconscious patterns that can be hard to identify -even for a person with sophisticated mindfulness skills.

The Tamura Method:

The Tamura Method was developed by Wynn Tamura over 40 years in practice providing counseling using direct touch and energetic bodywork. He brings an embodied approach to working with clients’ wounded parts that facilitates the fast release of past wounding and enables the person to become more present, open, and in touch with their unique gifts and strengths.
The Tamura Method is unique in that it emphasizes tracking the body’s muscular patterns as well as the energetic blocks that form the body-mind wounding. With the Tamura Method, the client has a direct, visceral experience of their past wounding while simultaneously being held in a loving relationship. The result is a powerful, effective transformation process. The Tamura Method emphasizes the practitioner’s awareness of their own energy and presence, as well as their ability to be openhearted and attuned to their client. Using the Tamura Method helps practitioners develop valuable skills for diagnosing and connecting to their clients.

Upcoming Training:

Held over three weekends, this training will provide the foundations of the Tamura Method’s use of touch in therapy settings. We will cover the theory behind the Tamura Method, and how to apply it to read clients’ somatic and energetic patterns. Participants will develop skills in somatic and energetic touch, while also focusing on their own being and experience. Each participant will build on their own unique, personal ability to be openhearted and intuitive in their work with clients.

Who it’s for: This training is for psychotherapists who have an interest in working with the body and touch, and for bodyworkers who have prior experience in somatic therapy.

Topics that will be covered

  • How to track the presence of the wounded child vs. the adult self.

  • Ethics of touch and how to skillfully include touch in therapy.

  • The Tamura method’s five fundamental steps of working with energetic touch.

  • Developing the practitioner’s presence, intuition, and embodiment.

  • Learning to track and assess muscular and energetic patterns.

  • How to use energy to help the client connect and heal their wounded child.

  • How to teach clients to become more embodied.

Hear From Past Participants:

2022 Dates:

This year’s Tamura Method training will be held over three, three-day weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Additionally, there will be two virtual, follow-up meetings to support students applying the Tamura Method in their practice. 

Meeting dates are: February 18th-20th, March 11th-13th, April 22th-24th.

Class times are Fridays 1:00pm – 5:30pm, Saturdays 9:30am – 5:00pm, and Sundays 9:30am – 4:00pm.

Follow-up meetings will be held online from 11:00am – 1:00pm on Monday, May 9th and Monday, June 6th, 2022.

Location: Oakland, CA


Registration is $2500.

We expect the course to fill up quickly. Please register as early as possible to ensure a spot in the 2022 training. Cost to reserve a spot is $700. Full payment is due no later than January 31st, 2022. Checks only.

To Register or for More Information:


Please include: your contact information, describe any relevant professional background, and include what  interests you about this training. We will respond promptly with additional details, including payment information.

Covid Precautions: All participants must provide proof of covid vaccination, as well as provide a negative covid test taken within three days prior to the start of each of the three in-person modules. Masks will be required during portions of the training. Additionally, we will take all recommended or required precautions laid out in local, state, or CDC guidelines; these are subject to change. 


Wynn  Tamura: Wynn developed the Tamura Method over the course of his 40 years in practice, providing a blend of energy-focused counseling and bodywork.  Over the years, many of his clients were psychotherapists who wanted to go beyond “talk therapy” in order to create a deeper transformation. Wynn developed his unique style of energy bodywork blending Eastern and Western healing modalities. In addition to his private practice, Wynn spent several years several years as head of somatic energy work in an alternative healing clinic, which combined different forms of psychotherapy, Chinese, and Western medicine. Wynn draws from his study of Psycho-Physical Integration (Trager), martial arts, psychology, Zen Buddhism, and Taoism. He has also been a Trager practitioner since the early 1980’s. Wynn retired in 2012 and continues to consult and teach his healing art: the Tamura Method.

Gal Szekely:

Gal is a teacher in the Hakomi mindfulness based somatic therapy. He is the founder of The Couples Center, a bay area organization dedicated to helping people create thriving relationships. His work is dedicated to helping people create a fulfilling life and is grounded in somatic and spiritual principles. He leads workshops and trainings for therapists and the public and is an adjunct faculty at CIIS university. Gal holds an MA in counseling from CIIS University and an MA in social psychology from Tel Aviv University.  

Talia Abraham: Talia is a psychotherapist in private practice who works with individuals, couples and groups. Her approach is grounded in the gateways of the heart, and influenced by depth work, relational psychology, consciousness and energetic-somatic touch. In her practice she continuously weaves together different traditions and approaches of mind, body and spirit. She is a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies with a Master’s degree in Integral Psychology.